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Italian Books

Philobiblon’s newest publishing initiative, Italian Books is a series of numbered catalogues devoted to the important place of Italian culture on the world stage. The catalogues will feature manuscripts, documents, printed books, engravings, drawings, and artist’s books produced in Italy, as well as Italian books printed outside the country, translations attesting to the impact of Italian culture abroad, including volumes finely bound by sought-after Italian binders, and those once owned by great protagonists of Italian book collecting. Together these selections will illuminate a journey into the multifarious Italian book world in the broadest and richest sense.


Philobiblon: One Thousand Years of Bibliophily

This three-volume catalogue, published in 2018, celebrates first five years since the 2013 opening of PrPh Gallery in New York with an inauguration speech by the master of Italian culture Umberto Eco, who sadly passed away two years ago.


Sul Tremuoto.

Books on Earthquakes and Volcanoes


Cicero's Rethorica vetus

from a Medieval German Scriptorium


Orlando Furioso - Five exceptional copies, including the editio princeps

An exhibition held at PrPh Rare Books, October 19-28, 2016


Dante Fifty Books

Hand printed in 205 copies

Font: Dante, invented by Hans Mardersteig

Hand printed in 205 copies

Font: Dante, invented by Hans Mardersteig

Printed on Nebiolo Atena Cylinder at Cornuda on Treviso Paper: 145g Zerkall-Btten

Colored papers were scanned and printed by Grafiche Antiga Catalog

Edited by Margherita Palumbo and Filippo Rotundo

Photos by Takakazu Katsunosuke, Grzegorz Lozowski and Mario Setter

5 copies in Roman numerals dedicated to Filippo Rotundo, Umberto Pregliasco, Livio Ambrogio (Dante collector), Margherita Palumbo (curator), and Silvio Antiga (printer); 50 copies per person - not numbered 150 Arabic numerals, the copies 01 to 150 are bound with half vellum (the other copies in full vellum)

Number of pages: 160